vision-missionThe vision of the LCCM Library is to achieve an innovative higher education through provision of holistic research materials and quality resources in the light of Information Technology and Educational Paradigm.


In line with its vision, it is committed to carry out the educational objectives which embrace the total instructional or curricular offerings and programs of the institution through provision of information, materials and services as well as integrate the use of modern technology to meet the needs of the academic community.


In line with the vision and mission of LCCM, the library seeks to:

  1. To support the curricula and programs of the institution to the fullest extent possible through:
    1. Continuous acquisition of library materials to achieve a well-balanced collection.
    2. Continuous subscription of journals and magazines specifically aligned to the programs offered of the institution..
    3. Selection and acquisition of non-print materials including e-books and e-journals.
    4. Preparation and care of the materials for ready and easy use.
  2. To develop a computer-based access to information and resources as part of the broadening of the library’s role as information centre.
  3. To serve as a dynamic instrument of education.